Launched: Check-in Connect

Check-in Connect is another website in the series we produce for Jim Faull of Worship Ministry Solutions.  We have built several similar websites, including Mark Me Paid and Plan2Rehearse.  Jim creates software for many uses, from worship planning solutions to trip payment management, to list-making applications.  Paired with Fingertip Check-in, Check-in Connect allows organizations to use fingertip scanners to record attendance, and then it transfers the person’s ID over to an application that enables them to run attendance reports, send emails to the attendees and absentees, and much more.

We also created the Check-in Connect logo.

Launched: Underground Construction Equipment

We met Chad Osborne, the owner of Osborne Enterprises, Inc., while looking for a local office space to rent.  He had been needing someone to create a website for his new venture  We set Chad up with a sleek website with just the right amount of grunge to appeal to his construction equipment crowd.  Chad offers a website where people can list underground construction equipment for sale, so if you’re in the market to buy or sell vacuum excavators, backhoes or other equipment, check out his site.

This was another website, sort of like Kincannon Funeral Home, where we customized the blog for a different function.  Here it serves as the listing display for construction equipment.  And anyone wanting to submit a listing on the site can fill out the form and upload pics from the Submit a Listing form.

No two companies are the same.  We can create a unique website that is tailored to your needs.  Contact us today!

Charity: Project Noel Altus

Project Noel Altus was the very first website we produced in 2009 using our new Main Street process of taking a theme and customizing it for the client. Project Noel Altus provides a free shopping experience for those in need at Christmas each year. They have given Christmas gifts to thousands of kids over the years, and they requested a website to serve as a public informational spot. We were pleased to donate our services free of charge and continue to do so in order to update the site each year.

The theme the Project Noel Altus team chose was originally black and pink, so we changed the pink to red to be more fitting with traditional Christmas colors.

Launched: Kincannon Funeral Home

Main Street Studio gave the Kincannon Funeral Home website a complete overhaul. receives large numbers of visitors who stop by to read obituaries and leave tributes for their loved ones.  We took a standard blogging system, gave it a few tweaks, and produced an easy-to-update obituary and tribute publication system that makes it a cinch for the funeral home staff to maintain.

Have you ever needed a customized publication system?  Main Street Studio specializes in customizing your website to meet your unique needs.  No two businesses are the same, and we are here to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Launched: James Gang Co

If you drive a dry van or reefer, you can’t afford to drive without the protection of the patented Seal Protector Lock created by the James Gang Co. showcases this revolutionary invention that completely covers the plastic seal required to show proof that trailer loads have not been tampered with.

James Gang Co, an Altus, Oklahoma company, purchased a website a while back through a company that specializes in computer hardware and networking.  The website lacked a professionally-designed look, and the James Gang Co never could get it updated as quickly as they desired.  They contacted Main Street Web Development looking for a professional design, an easy-to-update website, and a little magic to be worked on their marketing content.  You can see that we did just that.  In less than two weeks the James Gang Co website went from home-grown to first-class. uses the Dabbe theme, which also comes in several other colors.

Launched: Ashley Hamm Fine Art

Join me in congratulating Ashley Hamm, a fine artist living in Shreveport, Louisiana, for her debut art show coming up in October. According to her website, “Louisiana artist Ashley Hamm paints original oils inspired by both her travels and her southern heritage.” Ashley’s work is absolutely beautiful–you’ll have to take a peek! hails the Luxury theme from the Theme Gallery. The slideshow photos on the home page displaying part of Ashley’s stunning portfolio really make this website a work of art.