Starting a busy week of brand new websites, The Bayou Prof gator crawled out of the swamp and on to the world wide web selling Diva Sleeves and her very own book.  Representing Beth C. Whittington, Author and Diva & Dude Sleeve Dealer, the Bayou Prof lives at an e-commerce website where you can design your own Diva or Dude Sleeve.  This online storefront showcases the way you can sell customizable products.  Now if you haven’t heard of Diva Sleeves, they are custom-designed gun holsters made especially for the ladies who like bling.  When ordering a Diva or Dude Sleeve, customers start by selecting the size–small, medium, or large.  Then they can browse the photo collections of each category before making their selections of bling, leather, and trim.

Orders are processed at the website, while the payments run through PayPal.  Some of the special features of this project include a custom-designed illustration and logo by Yours Truly, a JQuery Lightbox to display the photo collections, and a slideshow of featured products on the homepage.

If you have custom products you would like to sell, contact us today to get started designing your own online storefront!